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Molemax Systems


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Why choose MoleMax Lite?

Molemax Systems

A new era of skin imaging is here.

Designed to revolutionise digital dermoscopy, the new MoleMax Lite ticks all the boxes for cost-effective medical diagnosis, more thorough high-resolution detections, improved workflow and better patient satisfaction.

What We Do

Molemax Systems

The MoleMax Lite offers a comprehensive imaging and diagnosis platform in an easy-to-use plug-and-play device. The software is packed with features including live imaging, localisation, follow-up, trending, diagnosis, reporting and practice management software integration.

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MoleMax Systems

There are many advantages of using the MoleMax Lite compared to other standard dermatoscopes on the market.


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The sleek, anodised aluminium body makes the MoleMax Lite more than just pretty. It’s durable, thermally efficient and immune to the harshest of conditions.

Ergonomic Design

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A sleek, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable design ideal for all-day usage, and easy to clean.


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30x to 60x magnification. Delivers clearer and more thorough screenings with enhanced magnification in high resolution.

Polarised and Non-Polarised Imaging

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Perform faster and cleaner digital examinations in high definition without immersion oils or contact gels.

Contact and Non-Contact Dermoscopy

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Experience improved focal length, especially during low light dermoscopy and allowed for contactless examination with the patient using an inbuilt camera instead of the traditional eye-to-skin proximity.

High Quality Imaging

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The Full HD image quality produced by the MoleMax Lite is a “straight image” with minor distortion and an improved depth of field compared to traditional dermatoscopy with a “pincushion image”.

Strength through our unique diversity

Seamless Digital live imaging into a device of your choice linked to the MoleMax Lite, e.g. tablet, PC. Allows for input of basic patient details. Mole/Lesion measuring ruler provides accurate measurement of any mole/lesion as well as an additional new option to label excision margins. Localisation on dummy body map. PDF report generation and print options with body map location. New feature to add any diagnostic or procedural comments with specific locations on body map.

Patient Database & Storage

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No cloud storage required. Store complete history images, localisation, diagnosis and more in your own tablet/PC/hardrive. Have full control over your patient data.

Automated Reporting

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Eliminate human error while improving workflow efficiency and patient engagement. A generated PDF report can be linked to your patient notes.

Advanced and Customisable Multi-Featured Software

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Customise unique features to suit your clinic’s specific needs and requirements, such as a 2nd opinion export feature, multi-lingual capabilities and customised report.

Practice Management Software Integration

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Link with practice management software such as Medical Director, Zedmed and Best Practice. Attach PDF reports of single, multiple or historical images to your patient record in your PMS.


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One off fee, no ongoing subscription fees.

MoleMax Systems

Our Story

With more than 20 years of experience in dermoscopy, MoleMax Systems (as a division of Macquarie Medical Systems) focuses on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centred care.

Our vision is to revolutionise and redefine the traditional MoleMax digital skin imaging system by making it a more economical and effective tool for quick and reliable early detection of skin cancer.

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Our Vision is to Revolutionise Digital Skin
Imaging Systems.

With more than 20 years of experience in dermoscopy, MoleMax Systems (as a division of Macquarie Medical Systems) focuses on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centered care.


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What Our Clients Says

Molemax HD has been a valuable asset to my skin cancer practice. Not only is the image quality superb but it improves my workflow with its efficient record keeping. The touch screen is a must addition for ease and speed of use. The patients also feel reassurred when they can view the images with you knowing that you have good high resolution images. I would recommend the system to all skin cancer doctors wanting a fast efficient and detailed imaging system.

Dr C PappasSouth Coast Skin Cancer Clinic

I have been using Molemax imaging systems for more than 20 years. For the past 10 years I have used the Molemax HD in both rooms at my clinic. The Molemax HD is easy to use, providing the means to perform digital monitoring and mole mapping. It also provides great interaction with patients, not only giving them great satisfaction with knowing that their needs are met but also it is a great educational tool when discussing UV damage and field therapy. Personally I have found that the technical backup has been second to none.

Dr Carolyn WallerBusselton Skin Cancer Clinic

MoleMax Links To Your Practice Management Software

Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.

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