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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your skin imaging equipment take macro and micro shots?

MoleMax HD – It does both. The micro is an attachment lenses at 20x, 30x or 40x.

MoleMax Plus – Depends on what phone attached dermatoscope you are using with your MoleMax Go.

SkinDOC – Fixed 30x for micro, macro at additional costs.

Is my dermatoscope supported?

If you already have a dermatoscope, with the MoleMax Go app, any dermatoscope that attaches to a phone is compatible.

Which MoleMax System is best for me?

View our MoleMax Range Comparison Matrix to understand the hardware and software features of our products in more detail.

Are you able to convert my early version of MoleMax to a more recent version?

Our experienced technical team are able to convert any old versions of MoleMax to the new generation database.

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