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Dermlite distributor centre in au

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Dermlite distributor centre in au

DermLite Dermoscopy
DermLite DL5 is now available

Purchase the new Superpowered DermLite DL5 today with integrated UV mode along with 10x magnification and a 32mm viewing area. Packed with many standard accessories including charging dock, universal magnetic connection and leather pouch.

MoleMax Software

OUR software

Cutting-edge software designed for the early detection and monitoring of skin cancer, including melanoma, by providing advanced imaging and analytical capabilities. It enables dermatologists to capture, store, and analyze high-resolution images of skin lesions, facilitating the tracking of changes over time and assisting in early diagnosis and intervention.

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MoleMax Range


Advanced medical devices for the magnified examination of skin lesions, aiding in the early detection of skin cancer, including melanoma. These devices offer high-resolution imaging capabilities that enhance the visualization of mole structures and patterns, supporting accurate diagnoses and monitoring of skin changes over time.

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DermLite Distributor & Service Centre in Australia.


Our Vision is to Revolutionise Digital Skin Imaging Systems.

With more than 20 years of experience in dermoscopy, MoleMax Systems (as a division of Macquarie Medical Systems) focuses on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centered care.


Year MoleMax was developed


Doctors using MoleMax Systems worldwide


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Why Choose MoleMax?

  • Unique patented light source with cross polarisation illumination technology used worldwide, giving you a faster, clean & efficient digital examination with no immersion oil or contact gels required.
  • A cost effective purchase that will not only improve patient care, but grow your business.
  • Compare, trend and monitor skin lesions with the patient data base as well as a detailed diagnostics modules.
  • Most patients are frightened of the thought of an examination. Build your patient confidence by presenting their lesions visually on a monitor with high magnification.
  • Clinical Audit and Quality Control, earn qualifying CPD points.
  • Portable versions available for mobile clinics.
  • Integrated diagnostic aids to assist with scoring and assessing risk.
  • First in the market in 1997, with well over 3,000 systems installed in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Systems to suit the budget and needs of any size medical practice from entry level systems up to advanced multifunction operations.
  • Special camera design allows ease of software operation using the mouse controls located on the back of the camera.
  • Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice.
  • Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.
More About Us

We are committed to providing health care professionals and clinics with tools for the fast and reliable early detection of skin cancer. Health care professionals in more than 50 countries use MoleMax!

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Read our articles for the latest updates and to learn more about MoleMax Systems and Skin Imaging Device.



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