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Benefits Of Using A Digital Skin Imaging System To Detect Skin Cancer

By July 26, 2021July 6th, 2024No Comments

Current methods for diagnosing skin cancers rely on either invasive biopsies or the use of a dermatoscope and additional digital skin imaging software which can monitor the skin over time. As a dermatoscope relies on powerful visual inspection and digital imaging using specialised technology by a general practitioner or dermatologist it is often a preferred method of diagnosis. Dermatoscopes are made with the intent of making the patient experience less painful and also more involved.

The way this is achieved is by imaging and mapping of the body, any changes in the skin can then be easily monitored using applicable software. A follow up visit from a patient would then become as simple as comparing the previous digital image to the current one by using the applicable software. Continuing on from this, any future appointments would be able to observe clear trends over multiple images. These images and comments are kept in chronological order allowing for future easy observation of patient history and clear monitoring of any changes to the skin. Importantly images may also be displayed over one another to allow for easy recognition of changes in skin lesions.

Not only are follow-ups and digital skin imaging made easy with the right software, but this process means that any unnecessary painful skin incisions are avoided. As well as this obvious improvement to patient care the types of data captured and the overall patient care that is employed by software also conclusively supports patient care. Data around patient details, lesion clinical observations, location, provisional diagnosis, suggested management, procedure date, histopathology report, final diagnosis, comments and next appointment date are easily recorded.

This type of automated process allows for a completely improved workflow, to the addition of dramatically improving time management as well.

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