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Easier visualization

By August 31, 2022January 30th, 2024No Comments

By : Dr. Guiseppe Argenziano

“DermLite is a very feasible tool! It allows fast and precise dermoscopic observation of pigmented skin lesions, since no oil is required for visualizing dermoscopic features in pigmented skin lesions. Also, it is the smallest hand-held dermatoscope I have ever used!

During my daily routine I have been using the DermLite for scoring various melanocytic lesions with the 7-point checklist. This is a simplified scoring method for the dermoscopic diagnosis of melanoma.

Using the 7-point checklist one has to score the presence of 7 dermoscopic criteria, namely, atypical network, blue-white veil, atypical vascular pattern (so-called major criteria), and irregular streaks, irregular dots/globules, irregular pigmentation, and regression structures (blue, pepper-like granules and/or white, scar-like areas; so-called minor criteria). To read further, click here

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