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Is photographic surveillance in melanoma diagnosis dispensable?

By July 11, 2023July 11th, 2024No Comments

Cliff Rosendahl MBBS, PhD

In this study, the authors provide an interesting descriptive report on a private dermatology practice in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, practising without photographic surveillance. They calculate a single defined metric, melanoma in situ to invasive ratio, and compare it to the same metric in 11 other studies, nine of which involve practices which utilise photographic surveillance in the form of total body photography, serial digital dermatoscopic imaging or both. They then draw a conclusion that their method of practice produces a higher melanoma in situ to invasive ratio than the alternative studies. They add that the utility of dermatoscopy historically ‘…was demonstrated in studies’, and that similarly, only a ‘prospective, randomised and controlled trial’ can demonstrate whether practice using photographic technologies is superior.

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