Upgrade from Older Versions to Windows 10 Compatibility Single User

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PhotoMAX Software Package
PhotoMAX is an entry level software package for digital dermoscopy which was specially developed for patient management and follow up with digital cameras. Simple clinical and overview imaging makes trending and monitoring an easy task.

PhotoMAX is a medical program package which features:

  • Localise patient images easily using the Body Map
  • Monitor the development of a lesion over time
  • The All Skin diagnostic atlas with clinical references

All Skin Diagnosis Library: Diagnosis can be selected by names and images showing various skin conditions.

Customised Patient Reports: Print images, patient data and history along with notes asnd diagnosis.

Backup and Export: Easy backup of patient history, transfer or share databases between PCs in your clinic.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7 or above, Intel i3 or above, Graphic Display Adapter Capable of 1280×1024 True Colour (24 or 32 bit), 100 MB free Hard Disk Drive space (800 MB with Mole Atlas), CD-ROM Drive.

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