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The Hunt for Baby Melanomas: A Prospective Study of the Dermoscopy Features on 100 Small Melanoma Cases with In Vivo Surface Diameters up to a Maximum of 6mm

By December 2, 2022January 30th, 2024No Comments

John Pyne, Sarah MacDonald, Susan Beale, Esther Myint, Wei Huang, Simon Clark, Andrew Tang

Background:: Early diagnosis can improve melanoma prognosis. Dermoscopy can enhance early melanoma recognition.

Objectives: Examine the dermoscopy features of early melanoma up to a maximum surface diameter of 6mm.

Methods: Consecutive melanoma cases were collected from two medical practices in Sydney, Australia 2019-2021. Dermoscopy features were recorded for melanomas by maximum surface diameter, to the nearest 0.1 mm, to a limit of 6mm. To read further, click here

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