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MoleMax HD

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Interview with Lynette Hooper, Manager of SkinCheck Australia

Can you give us a quick overview on the Molemax System you are currently using?

The MoleMax System I love working with is the MoleMax HD.  It has so many features including double screens with touch screen operation and amazing magnification which allows me to easily identify both malignant and benign lesions invisible to the naked eye.  MoleMax HD allows both macro and dermoscopy imaging in live video mode and importantly, image comparison and trending of lesions over time.  The total body mapping feature is operated with an attached high resolution digital camera.  The software guides the operator easily with a simple click of the camera to capture each body section.  The mapping is saved for future follow up and comparison.

What makes the Molemax System different to other systems available in the market?

MoleMax is the most sophisticated and comprehensive skin checking device on the market.  MoleMax was one of the first of its kind developed with this type of technology and many companies around the world have tried to replicate it. The system has a unique patented light source with its cross-polarisation technology.  MoleMax HD also provides both polarised and non-polarised light sources.  Patients feel safe and re-assured that they have had a thorough skin check with MoleMax. There really is no other product that compares to MoleMax HD.

How easy is the System to set up and use?

Skin Checks are so easy to perform with MoleMax.  Installation is implemented by MoleMax technicians and expert training is also provided.  Simply plug it in, turn it on, select an existing patient or add a new one, select the camera type, view the lesion image and either click to save or move on to the next lesion.  It is that simple.  There is a mouse attached to the back of the camera so no need to use a keyboard whilst imaging.

What upgrades and ongoing improvements have been available for Molemax?

MoleMax developers have made many improvements over the years and continue to provide regular updates to the program. They really listen to their customers suggestions and are quick to implement changes.

The developers have added various software improvements like patient management links to various practice management software providers including Best Practice, Medical Director and Zedmed.  These links make patient data and imaging a seamless and quicker process.  Various hardware improvements such as increased magnification from 30 times to 100 times magnification along with the introduction of full high definition imaging have all contributed to a better screening process assisting improved patient outcomes with more accurate diagnoses.

Is there a service department to assist with any issues with the System?

Yes, there is a fully trained and accredited service team dedicated to MoleMax who are exceptionally helpful and quick to respond if I have any questions.

For further information on the MoleMax HD please click here.

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